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GR Dance Europe, the Valhalla for passionate Latin and ballroom dancers

GR Dance Europe

GR Dance Europe stands for Glamour Dance Europe and is spearheaded by Olivia Zhen Zhang. She is a professional dancer who, together with her dance partner Jeffrey Qi, danced at the highest level for years and participated in many international dance competitions where they reached the finals numerous times. She understands the needs of professional dancers to perform optimally at all times better than anyone: a stylish presence and a perfect outfit so they can hit the dance floor confidently. Armed with this knowledge and experience, she decided to do something for other passionate ballroom dancers.

GR Dance Europe
GR Dance Europe

In 2011, Olivia began collaborating with another internationally known female dancer in Hong Kong. They focused on tailoring dancewear for professional dancers. They often have to order their outfit for the next dance contest months in advance. With their company, both dancers offered their customers an all-around service, ranging from design advice to a meticulous follow-up to the punctual delivery of orders. In 2016, a joint venture was added with a company specialising in the production of dance shoes.


It soon became apparent that European dancers were also facing the same challenge. And that resulted in the recent creation of GR Dance Europe in Belgium. Olivia goes one step further with this company. She, of course, still focuses on professional dancers, dance teachers and students as well as every dance lover who wants to look good on the dance floor. She also gives workshops on hairstyling and makeup.


In 2022, Chrisanne Clover from London and GR Dance Europe entered into a collaboration agreement where GR Dance Europe Chrisanne Clover represents on the European market as "Chrisanne Clover Couture Boutique Europe". The aim of this partnership is to provide the dance world with an even more complete offer with regard to dancewear and related products and services.

Looking for a specialist in tailor-made dancewear and shoes?

GR Dance Europe is worthy of your trust. Contact us for a no-obligation consultancy.

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